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Lebanon's biggest minority against the abuses and brutality of a force that destabilizes its country... not Israel, Hizbullah!


Hezbollah uses the Lebanese Military to Terrorize Citizens

Feb 8th 2010

The Office of the President of the World Maronite Union (WMU), an INGO representing 15 million Maronites in the Diaspora issued the following statement

1) The WMU is very disturbed about the Lebanese authorities permitting Hezbollah to control important positions and offices within the national institutions of the country, particularly the military courts as they are being used by the terrorist organization to track down the citizens of Lebanon who have been targeted by the terrorists since before the year 2000.

2) Hezbollah is manipulating Lebanon’s military courts forcing them to accuse members of the Army and bureaucracy of treason and collaboration with Israel for the purpose of justifying a repression against patriots who had fulfilled their orders in their responsibilities of defending their nation and its citizens. This cannot be acceptable today. The military leadership of the day had divided the army and paved the way for the forces of terrorism to deploy throughout the length and breadth of the land. These accusations and oppressions are designed to frighten the Lebanese people away from their expectations of a strong Lebanese army which will defend their beloved homeland. Such aggression is designed to show the Lebanese that their army has failed at the hands of Iranian and Syrian terrorism through the agency of Hezbollah and other terrorist proxies on Lebanese soil.

3) The Wold Maronite Union vehemently rejects these unfair sentences in verse and paragraph; and calls on the United Nations to become vigilant in their effort to protect Lebanon from falling into the hands and control of terrorists. The United Nations must not allow a renewal of Hezbollah control over the Lebanese army, for it will use this control to provide a legitimate coverage for its terrorist activities against the people of Lebanon who have already rejected Hezbollah and its objectives by the uprising of the Cedars Revolution in March of 2005 to reclaim their independence and sovereignty.

4) Indeed the World Maronite Union calls on the forces of democracy in Lebanon, and particularly the Christian community to unite and stand in the face of Hezbollah and its terrorism. To stand strong also in the face of the Syrian regime and its continuous programming for its return to the Lebanese stage so that it can impose its renewed control under the umbrella of terrorism which it had created and continues to nurture and use in its efforts to tyrannize its neighbours and in particular Lebanon.

5) The World Maronite Union is saddened and concerned at the stance and position of President Michel Sleiman who seems to be submitting to the pressures of terrorism and is losing the confidence of the people in him day by day. We remind him of his obligations of protecting the nation and not allowing the terrorists to control the government institutions. We remind the president of his promise that the heart of the nation shall open wide and will be able to receive all its people.

The press release has been published today in the Lebanese media, here are the links as a reference.



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