sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009

Freedom lovers


50 Muslims and their friends in Paris DESTROY ALL the Israeli products in a large supermarket

From the city where police once happily aided the SS in ridding Paris of its Jews and is now host to an "Annual Intifada Festival" comes another economically destructive form of organized anti-Semitism: Destroying products of Israeli origin. And, in their historically lax defense of Jews and justice, the French police do absolutely nothing to prevent the destruction of private property, this time in a supermarket.

Similar actions are taking place all over Europe, particularly in London where extensive boycotts also include books written by Israeli authors.When it is not opposed in one place, copycats mushroom, and the event is cloned far and wide.

Unfortunately there are no subtitles to the french sound track, but you don't need words to see what is happening.

Click above to watch the March 8, 2009 anti-Israel demonstration in the French supermarket chain Carrefour

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