viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009

Let´s canonize Obama!!

The Nobel Academy, one of my favourite institutions, together with the UN, awarded the Nobel Peaze Prize to Obama. This is a fxxxxxg joke!. The guy has done nothing, good or bad, yet!!!. The unbearable lightness of XXI Century pop culture: all images and messages, no facts; all form, no substance. And let´s not kid ourselves: the guy was obviously consulted, and h ...e gave the go ahead. Now, with false modesty, he is acceppting it. He is obviously getting high on his own supply

So, what is this guy going to do when faced with having to take the strong steps to stop the Iranian bomb, when he forced to start war to secure freedom and survival, ??. How does a poster in a teenager room react to real life dilemas?

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